Galligans has been a household name in Adelaide since the early 1900’s.

Founder John Galligan began operations in the city centre, catering for Adelaide’s gentry, manufacturing the finest mattresses money could buy. A tradition of producing high quality products continues some four generations later.


Today, a Galligans mattress reflects tried and true manufacturing practices of the highest quality control standards, with one single-minded objective in mind….to manufacture Australia’s best mattress from the best available components. The fact that Galligans mattresses and bedding products are available from factory direct outlets is as comforting to the pocket as a Galligans product is comforting to the body.

Galligans have specialised in fine tuning mattresses to suit the individual needs of the sleeper, because grown people, like babies, come in all shapes and sizes. We all deserve to sleep as blissfully as babies, so Galligans not only make an extensive range of mattresses to choose from, but will make those all important adjustments if required, so that your new Galligans mattress and you are perfectly matched.

What you need to know about a good night’s sleep.

During an average 8 hour sleeping night it is not uncommon for a healthy sleeper to turn between 40 – 60 times.


Therefore in order to maintain the resilience of a mattress year after year, Galligans insist on using only the best quality foams, comfort layers and springs so that we can offer you a mattress that will simply outlast the rest.

On the following pages you will see that it’s what goes into a Galligans mattress that is vitally important in providing you with the best foundation for a good night’s sleep, features that we are very proud to show you…features that have kept Galligans customers coming back for years. In fact, your more than welcome to come into our factory and actually watch your new mattress being custom made to your individual requirements.

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