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        1. Bed mattresses vary in sizes and are sold accordingly so it is important that you work out what size mattress you will need to fit your bedroom as well as your bed frame. To assist you with this, we have listed below the mattress sizes (width x length), height of the mattress and height of the bases so you can decide which mattress is best for you.


Size (Width x Length) Metric Imperial
Single 92cm x 188cm 3’ x 6’2”
King single 107cm x 203cm 3’6” x 6’8”
Double 138cm x 188cm 4’6” x 6’2”
Queen 153cm x 203cm 5’x 6’8”
King 183cm x 203cm 6’x 6’8”


Height of Mattresses Metric Imperial
Cot mattress 15.2cm 6”
Opal mattress 18.4cm 7 1/4”
Bronze mattress 21.6cm 8 1/2”
Silver mattress 24.1cm 9 1/2”
Gold mattress 27.3cm 10 3/4”
Platinum mattress 28.6cm 11 1/4”
Executive mattress 31.7cm 12 1/2”


Height of Bases (including 4” (10cm) leg & glides) Metric Imperial
Opal base 37.4cm 14 3/4”
Bronze base 37.4cm 14 3/4”
Silver base 37.4cm 14 3/4”
Gold base 37.4cm 14 3/4”
Platinum base 37.4cm 14 3/4”
Executive base 37.4cm 14 3/4”
Drawer base 37.4cm 14 3/4”

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