Making the decision about which mattress is to be your next betrothed is complicated. One needs to consider the matter of comfort, as well as cost, not to mention the possibility of sharing said your dream space with someone else. Once you have gone through all that then it is time to start thinking about your bed base. Ensemble, slats or platform? Each has their merits to consider, as well as their own impact on your humble abode’s aesthetic.



Wooden Slat Bed

When it comes to wooden slat be bases there are in fact two types, just to make the decision just a little bit more complicated. There is the flat slat base and sprung slat base.

Flat Slats

Flat slat bases are the more traditional frame base, consisting of multiple sturdy wooden slats that span either the entire width of the frame or half the width, meeting its counterpart in the middle at an additional frame support beam.

The flat slat base bed will offer firm support to your mattress. Essentially this means there is no additional give. This can beneficial if you have chosen an already soft mattress and don’t wish to downgrade its support factor. Generally speaking, the basic flat slat bed will be the cheapest option available.

Sprung Slats

The other wooden slat base option is the sprung slat. Sprung slats are wooden slats that have been curved under tension. Placing the slats under the mattress, curve bowing upwards, gives an additional element of malleable support. On larger beds, double and up, the slats will span the width of the frame, meeting in the middle.

The flexibility of the slats allows for extra adjustment to your sleeping positions support needs. Because the slats are split down the middle, it is possible to adjust the tensions the slats on each side are under. This means that couples who share a bed, yet have slightly different sleeping-positon support needs, will be able to adjust their side of the bed to their needs.

Similarly, because of the division of the slats, the movement on one side will not necessarily impact the person sleeping on the other side.

Wooden slat based beds also have the advantage of offering specific aesthetic to your bedroom. So those with design in mind may lean towards this option. The range of Galligans bed frames are made from the highest quality Australian hardwood and made locally in Adelaide.

Overall, wooden slat bases are a great option, they have versatile aesthetic options and offer a number of support options. Most importantly, wooden slat bases allow air flow under the mattress, this is important for hygiene and the overall longevity of your mattress.

Ensemble Bed Base

Once again there are two subcategories available when it comes to choosing the ensemble bed base. There are sprung and platform bases.

Sprung Ensemble

Sprung, or box spring, ensembles are designed to help distribute the weight of the individual sleeping position evenly across the surface of the mattress. Alleviating points of pressure, the springs feel soft, but in fact, offer a great deal of support.

Once again we see a division of engineering, with two kinds of spring formations available; coil and pocket. Coil springs are interconnected and thus work as a team to distribute weight and offer support. However, coil springs have a tendency to transfer movement from one area of the bed into another, a ripple effect if you will.

The second sprung ensemble spring style is the pocket spring. Unlike coil springs, pocket springs stand alone. This means there are no ripple effects, something thing that is generally much more appealing to couples.

Platform Ensemble

A platform ensemble is essentially just a box base for the mattress to sit atop. With springs the provide only height and firm base that offers rigid support. The downfall of the platform ensemble is its inability to flex and adapt to changes in posture or offer any more support than what the mattress gives.

On the other hand, the platform ensemble is popular because of its neat and tidy aesthetic and ability to provide extra storage space.

Design Platform Base

Essentially, the design platform base is the same as the platform ensemble but typically made from timber. This base is aesthetic driven and often extends from under the mattress to create a frame. The design platform has the same benefits and pitfalls at the platform ensemble.

When choosing a mattress there are a million things to consider. The aesthetic you’re chasing and the impact this style base will have on your mattress is another to add to the list. A new bed is an investment, sleep soundly knowing the team at Galligans Adelaide can help you make the right decision.

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