We all know that we should be flipping our mattresses regularly. Just like flossing, we know we should do it, we know it’s important but getting that motivation to just do it is where it gets really tricky.

The problem often comes down to the ‘why’. We know we need to floss because it’s good to our gums, but why do I need to flip my mattress? And how often?

Back in the day the recommendation was to flip a mattress every 6 months to prevent the springs being damaged from overuse and causing dips and indentations. However mattresses and science have come a long way since then, and now there’s far more questions because there are more types of mattresses!

So get comfy under your blankets for a bit of bedtime reading, we’re about to go through everything that you need to know about maintaining your mattress.

Why Should I Flip?

As mentioned above, flipping a mattress prevents dips and indentations occurring over time. People generally sleep in similar positions every night, causing a strain on the mattress and decreasing support in those areas.

With less support in the positions that you most often sleep in, you could start to experience back and neck pain.

Additionally, if you’re sharing a bed with your partner, flipping or rotating a mattress becomes even more crucial because of the uneven wear to parts of the mattress. And if you’re the type of couple that snuggle together in the middle of the bed, you’ll create a large sag in the centre. Which means you won’t have the support you need and you’ll end up rolling in the centre of the bed every night!

So basically, a flipped mattress should give you a
few extra years on the lifespan of your mattress

Can my Mattress be Flipped?

There are so many different types of mattresses nowadays! So does your mattress even need to be flipped anymore?

Flipping a Pillow-Top Mattress

As you can imagine, a pillow top mattress won’t give the same soft plush feeling when flipped so it’s not recommended. Instead, simply rotate every 6 months so that you’re turning it 180 degrees. This means that head of the mattress is now at the foot and vice versa. This will even the wear of the mattress and lets you get the most out of that pillow top.  


Flipping a Memory Foam Mattress

Similarly to pillow top mattresses, flipping a memory foam mattress will prevent you from getting that luxurious feeling you’ve paid for!

Instead, rotate your memory foam mattress. Because it’s so good at remembering where and how you sleep at night, it’s best to rotate your memory foam mattress a little more often. Every 3 months is best to keep your memory foam in tip-top shape and add a years to it’s life!

Flipping a Latex Mattress

Many places might tell you that flipping a latex mattress is completely unnecessary as the natural latex foam layers are designed to bounce back every night – just like rubber. But there’s no harm in flipping and rotating your latex mattress every 6 months to ensure that you’re getting the best support possible.


Flipping an Innerspring Mattress

These mattresses that don’t have a topper of any kind – and are essentially the same on the top as they are on the bottom should definitely be flipped every 6 months.

The innersprings of your mattress will wear overtime and lose their spring when being worn down in the same places night after night. So this type of mattress is the most important to be flipped every 6 months – and a sneak rotate won’t hurt either!


Flipping Vs Rotating a Mattress

So now we can see that most modern mattresses have a clear top and bottom. This means that flipping can not only be useless in prolonging your mattress’ life, but it can actually mean you’re not getting the support that you need to prevent back and neck aches and pain.


So in this day and age, rotating your mattress
every 6 months is the way to go

If you have more questions about how to care for your mattress, or if you’re ready to upgrade,
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