Let’s talk about what’s really going on in the bedroom when you don’t get a good night’s sleep. And it’s not what you’re thinking.  Yes, the kids may still wake and make a sandwich out of you and your partner.  Or the cat may refuse to sleep at your feet and instead, choose to nestle near your neck.  But there’s one way to make sure you achieve maximum relaxation, when you do finally get to sleep – having a perfect pillow.

To achieve maximum relaxation, there are two major factors to consider – a comfortable mattress and a supportive pillow.  Pillows are a vital part of maximising your relaxation in the bedroom.  Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing a pillow, there’s not a magic pillow that is suitable for everyone. The size, shape and level of support the pillow provides are all important factors to consider.  Not getting it ‘right’ means not getting a good night’s sleep.



Why is it so important to choose a perfect pillow that’s right for you?

When we sleep, we recover from the stress of the day. Our bodies undergo detoxification and repair.  If we sleep poorly, then it becomes difficult for our bodies to recover and this is when pain can begin to occur.  For some, choosing a pillow involves two steps – taking it off the shelf and paying for it.   But if little thought is invested into purchasing a pillow that is right for you, then there will be a higher price to pay down the track with numerous back and neck related issues to follow. 

To save you losing winks over your next pillow purchase, we’ve compiled a list of the various types of pillows on the market, along with their pros and cons. 


Natural Fill Pillows

Natural Fill Pillows include feather, down or a combination of the two. The down of a bird provides warmth and protection.  Similarly, the micro feathers used in your pillows provide a softening effect that is extremely malleable. On its own, Down is not very supportive so it is often mixed with stronger feathers that bounce back.

A perhaps less known natural fill alternative – popular in Asia – is Buckwheat pillows. Buckwheat pillows have a similar feel to micro-bead but they are made with natural materials. which are hypoallergenic and organic. 


Natural fill pillows are luxuriously soft and will shift shape to suit the contours of your head.

They are also naturally warming.


Not suitable for anyone with allergies to certain animal or plant-based materials. When washing a natural fill pillow, special consideration needs to be given to the washing and drying process. It’s best to dry in natural sunlight, which is not always available.



Synthetic Fill Pillows

Synthetic Fill Pillows are made from fillings such as polyester or rayon.  They can mimic the softness of down and the firmness of latex and are known for keeping their shape.


Synthetic fill pillows are usually hypoallergenic and are more affordable than natural fill pillows. 


They are not as durable and don’t last as long as natural fill pillows.




Foam Pillows

Foam Pillows are predominantly made from latex, polyurethane or memory foam and are usually hypoallergenic. Memory foam has the ability to contour to your body shape and weight without sacrificing support.  Shredded memory foam pillows is not as firm as memory foam and are extremely popular, they are a versatile option that suits the needs of almost every sleep position. Latex pillows are generally the firmest and most durable of them all.


Foam pillows are usually hypoallergenic. They mould beautifully to your head and neck, adding extra support.


Memory foam pillows tend to be more expensive than synthetic pillows.  Because of the close-cellular structure of this man-made material, it can become slightly heat retentive.  As foam pillows are dense and heavy, they are not your best cuddle buddy.



Micro-Bead Fill Pillows

Micro-bead fill pillows are filled with tiny polystyrene beads that contour to whatever weight is placed upon them. Micro-beads are popular for travel pillows, bolsters and bean bags.


Micro-bead fill pillows contour to whatever shape is placed upon them.


Micro-beads don’t bounce back into shape without some encouragement. The fill will need to be replaced over time. The micro-beads are also a choking hazard to children.




Shaped pillows

Shaped pillows include body pillows, v-shaped pillows, neck pillows and the like.  A pillow the length of your body supports your back if you prefer to sleep on your side. The top of the pillow supports your head and neck, while the bottom on the pillow supports your knees and legs.  

Pros:  Various shapes are available, including a J shape which is designed to keep your head in alignment with your spine. If you are a side sleeper, known for throwing your top leg too far across your body, this can cause the back to twist. Keeping your legs aligned with your back is important to maintain optimal osteo health.

Cons: Washing and buying a pillowcase for your favourite bedtime buddy is an adventure all its own. Shaped pillows are also not as transportable as traditional pillows.



Final Thoughts On Achieving Maximum Relaxation In The Bedroom

Whether you prefer a fluffy or a firm pillow, there’s a perfect pillow out there for you.  Choosing a pillow based on your natural sleep position will ensure your pillow provides proper spinal alignment and support throughout the night.  If you’re longing to achieve maximum relaxation in the bedroom – with a supportive pillow and a match-made-in-heaven mattress, get in touch with our friendly staff today.


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