9:00pm (the night before): “Tomorrow is going to be my day. I am going to reclaim the morning, get up early, go for a run, actually eat a healthy breakfast, and even get to work early. Tomorrow will be great.”

4:30am (the next day, as the alarm goes off): “Sshhhh. I’ll just skip breakfast.”

5:30am: “Oops, there goes the run.”

7:00am: “Ah, darn it.”

If you haven’t had an internal debate like that with yourself about getting up in the morning, then you are a super human. A super human whom the ordinary person like us can only look at and wonder, ‘how?’


Whether it’s a new job with a longer commute, kids who get up earlier or finding time to exercise, most of us are pushed to set our alarms earlier and earlier.

Although we can see the benefits of becoming an early riser, it is too easy to hit snooze on the alarm.

Rather than telling yourself, “I’m just a night owl” or “I’ll never be able to do that”, we have some of the best tips to change your morning habits.


Getting up early starts the night before

Do you ever find yourself slowly rolling out of bed, standing in front of your wardrobe for 15 minutes wondering about what to wear, then making the slow walk to the kitchen and spending the same time looking through your fridge for something to eat?

In fact, women will spend nearly a total of one year of their life deciding what to wear in the morning. That’s right, an average of 16 minutes every weekday just deciding what to wear.

There’s a bunch of factors that contribute to that (too much choice, or maybe too little?) but it is undoubted that getting up is harder when you don’t have a plan.

You can easily erase these decisions from your morning routine by making them the night before, as you’re going to bed.

Decide what you will wear, what you will have for lunch tomorrow and your plan for the next morning.

Boredom often compels people to go back to bed, so if your decisions are already made then, it will make it easier to get out of bed and get things done.


Have a good night’s sleep in the first place

It seems overly simple, but it is highly unlikely you’ll be eager to jump out of bed if you have had a terrible night’s sleep.

One of the most steps is investing in bedding that makes sure you sleep well. And we say, invest because this purchase will give you unlimited returns.

At Galligans we provide mattresses that are specifically designed for your individual body type, so it encourages you to sleep well.



You might be thinking that having a great mattress might make you never want to get out of bed (which is true to an extent), but it is even harder to get up if you have spent the night tossing and turning.


You can spend your weekends relaxing in your wonderful bed, but during the week we promise it will be easier to get up when you aren’t tired.



Work towards your early morning goal

If your current wake-up time is 8am and your goal is to wake up at 5am then making a radical change will probably not end up as you dreamed.

It’s just like asking someone who hasn’t done exercise in years to run 10 kilometres.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

Set yourself small goals of getting up 15 minutes earlier each week. So, your first goal is 7:45am, followed by 7:30am, and so on.

It’s all one step at the time, and you will eventually get there.


Move the alarm away from your bed



This is a simple little trick that will force you out of bed.

Rather than having your alarm right next to your pillow so you can easily snooze it, have it on the other side of your room.

That way, when it starts ringing, there are no other options for you than to get out, walk to your phone/clock, and switch it off.



Once you are out of bed, then also leave your room.

Some people will go straight to the bathroom, splash their face with water, or make themselves a cup of coffee.

Whatever it is, make space between you and your bed and get going on your day.


Remind yourself: it’s all in the mind

A wise person once told us that as soon as they jump out of bed, the first thing they think, “The worst part of the day is over!”

Once you set yourself a positive mental attitude that you can get up and out, then becoming an early riser will be much easier than you think.

Tomorrow can be your day – just make it happen.


Our experts at Galligans are dedicated to helping you sleep well, so if you have any more questions, then please get in touch with us today!

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