Have you been feeling drowsy?  Well, it must have been that night when you decided to binge-watch your favourite series.

If not this, then it probably have been a night where you struggled to fall asleep. However, drowsiness is only a superficial effect. There are long-term effects which can permanently damage your health. It is therefore essential that you amidst the chaos of life take quality rest. At times, it is possible that you do not feel anything on an immediate basis, but it does not mean that lack of sleep isn’t doing any harm. 

Let’s try and decode what it is that is not letting you have your beauty sleep.

In this age of technology, the primary cause could be that little device that practically walks around with you. It is a common sight to see netizens checking up on their social media before bedtime or children playing games.  It is what is coming in the way of a quality eight-hour long sleep. As per research, using the phone before bedtime compromises sleep in the most severe way possible. It is because the light off the screen messes with the brain and disturbs the production of sleep-inducing chemical called melatonin. And a repeated use means a long-term destructive sleeping cycle.

Now, let’s discuss how such a problematic pattern, in turn, causes your health to collapse.


How does sleep deprivation impact health?

According to experts, every adult should take at least seven to eight hours of sleep at night on a daily basis. In case of sleeping for less than the hours as mentioned earlier, the following ill-effects can strike one’s health. 


Prone to frequent illness:

Have you been catching a cold more than usual?  It could be because of your erratic sleeping pattern. A body needs time to regulate in it the necessary organisms which help in combat of infections. When you do not sleep, you simply deprive yourself of the goodness and in turn give an open call to health troubles like a cold.

You have got to hold onto your sleep before it gets too late, folks! 

Slack in cognitive performance:

A night of good,  sound sleep keeps that head clear and enables you to think straight. Not having ample sleep will directly affect your memory and reflexes. It tampers with our “executive function“. Without this, a person cannot be even considered eligible for driving safely.

You cannot even perform well in your board exam if you pulled an all-nighter to prepare for it. This is because sleeping helps in strengthening of the brain cells, which in turn allows retaining of information. That is why it is recommended by the experts to always ensure one sleeps well for a positive cognitive performance.

Your hitting more pounds:

The game of hormones gets disrupted when you don’t sleep well. Those hunger pangs you feel so strongly and frequently are because of abnormal production of an appetite-growing hormone called ghrelin. The sleep deprivation gradually slows down the production of leptin; a satiety-producing hormone. Such abnormalities lead to weight gain, and this one is the most visible effect of a wrong sleeping pattern.

Get your sleep in check before the weight gets out of hand! 

Mood swings:

You need to ponder over your sleeping schedule if you have been feeling way too restless or stressed lately. Moreover, lack of sleep can also make you lose your calm real quick regardless of how petty an issue is. In addition to this, there’s a constant wave of sadness and mental exhaustion, which later can even metamorphose into depression. There might be days when you feel giddy while there may be days when you want to do nothing but cry on top of your lungs. All of these can be tackled and improved with a healthy sleeping pattern. So, we guess you now know what to do? 

Gives birth to diseases:

Sleep deprivation is the root cause for the body’s inability to regulate blood sugar levels. This means that your body, sooner or later, is likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. Other than this, lack of sleep means a big strain on the body in the form of high blood pressure. It is how one encounters minor strokes and major heart attacks.

Hence, it is unwise for one to give up on their sleeping schedule and take it as something for granted. To keep such grave diseases miles away, it is of paramount importance to both sleep and rise early. 


Sleep well!

If you are paying attention to your sleep schedule and still having trouble sleeping, you might want to consider investing in a bed mattress that can help you sleep peacefully.

Now, we hope that you make full and productive use of that bed ensemble you have in your room. To keep your physical and mental health on track, a nice, cozy sleep is the last thing you would want to ignore. Here’s to sleeping well!


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