Is Your Mattress a Pain in the Back?

Back pain is one of those ‘certainties of life’, like paying taxes and dying. It isn’t fun and nobody wants it, but given that we use our back for, well, everything, it is kind of inevitable that we will end up hurting it one day.

Pain in Back - Time to Buy Matress - Bed Store Adelaide - Galligans MattressesThere are a multitude of reasons why we get sore backs; not bending our knees when lifting heavy items, pushing our bodies at the gym, manually exhausting work, arthritis, slip disks, the list goes on.

Fortunately for the sake of our backs, most of the common causes are preventable. If not preventable, there are at least measures that can be taken to minimise pain. Unfortunately, given that we use our backs to do literally everything means that it can often be a struggle to pin point just what the cause of our back pain is.

Waking Up in Pain?

If the first thing you do in the morning is to reach for your back in some attempt to give it comfort then your bed might, in fact, be the perpetrator of your pain.

Do you consistently find yourself waking up with a niggling pain that dissipates after 20-30 minutes as your body warms up? If so, then this is a pretty clear indicator that your mattress isn’t quite for you.

Other Signs Your Mattress Isn’t Quite Right

Morning Goal - Foam Mattresses Adelaide - GalligansIt is safe to say most people have great affection for their bed. It is where dreams are made after all. And sleep, everybody loves to sleep, right?

But what if your mattress is interrupting both of those essential life needs? Other signs that your mattress isn’t quite right include:

  • frequently waking during the night
  • feeling ‘swallowed up’ by your bed
  • feeling like you’re sleeping on solid ground
  • more pressure on some parts of your body than others

These signs could be symptoms of what is wrong with your mattress, and potentially the cause of your back pain.

Feeling ‘Swallowed Up’?

Everyone at one time or another has probably dreamt of having a big poufy marshmallow bed to fall into at the end of a long day. Sadly, though, this dream quickly becomes a harsh and uncomfortable reality.

Feeling ‘swallowed up’ is a sign that your mattress is too soft. Insufficient support from your mattress leads to poor alignment and posture whilst sleeping. A good mattress is like an ergonomic desk chair, it isn’t a couch by any means, but it isn’t a bar stool either. Your body needs support in specific areas, while others are best left relaxing.

While a soft gooey cloud bed might be a dream to sleep in, you may not even wake at all during the night, but, you may, in fact, be prone to muscle soreness and back pain in the long term.

Is This a Mattress or Solid Ground?

Lumpy Mattress - quality mattresses adelaide galligansEver ask your self this question? It is almost certain your mattress is too hard. You might enjoy a firm mattress, but that does not mean it is conducive to good back health.

There is somewhat of an urban myth that a firm mattress will help treat lower back pain. It simply isn’t true. A mattress which is too stiff won’t comfort and conform to your body’s natural curves. Take, for instance, if you tend to sleep on your side, and you are sleeping on a mattress which is too firm, there will be a gap in the smallest part of your waist, your back will be unsupported there. Ultimately, the mattress is creating a poor sleeping posture.

It Was Great Once

It is a sad fact that mattress’ don’t last a life time. As a rough guide, you can get the better part of a decade from a good quality mattress. Which is great information for when you are making your investment decision. Unfortunately, this rough life span guide doesn’t account for the changes in your body. As you age, your body changes, and so too must your mattress.

What is the Perfect Mattress?

Well, there’s good news and bad news on this front. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all perfect mattress. But there is such a thing as the perfect mattress for you!

It is entirely a personal choice when it comes to finding a perfect mattress. To find it, you first must try a range of the options available. Galligans, based in Adelaide, has a wide variety of mattresses from soft through medium, medium-firm and firm. But, best of all if none of them are quite right you can have a custom mattress, the perfect fit, made for you.

Galligans Adelaide make custom mattresses to suit your body’s needs, for your comfort. Because when you spend more than a third of your life lying down, you need a perfect mattress.

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